Queen of Sheba

Zara Anubis

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Queen of Sheba

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Groove/Chill song in a haunting ancient middle east vibe.

Queen of Sheba was in my head as I woke up this morning. It must of been playing in my dreams. My son was down from Asheville, NC. My lovely wife was typing on this computer, the dogs were napping and the rain was steady. A perfect day for a dreamy chill tune. All Zara Anubis music is written and performed by Theron Bennett. Theron has been a musician his entire life. His interests have been in blues, jazz, folk, bluegrass, classical, Americana, world music, native American, ambient and chill. He plays guitar, piano, synthesizer, drums, native flute, mandolin and cello as his main instruments. He first got into music as medicine when he stumbled upon solfeggio frequencies. Without any research into what they are he downloaded enough to make a mix CD. After listening every day he started feeling different and inquisitive. Researching those frequencies led to meditation which led to meditation music which led to 432hz. He had been out of music for twenty years pursuing a life of martial arts. In 2014 he rebuilt his studio and began writing again. This time with a focus on healing music. Every note played and every word written from meditation and connection with his spirit. That spirit he named Zara Anubis

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