Heart Chakra Meditation

Zara Anubis

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Heart Chakra Meditation

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This Heart Meditation song is tuned to 432 Hz, creating healing vibrations to launch you to another world. The powerful tones and beats are designed to open the Heart Chakra whether you are meditating or performing daily chores.

Powerful Heart Chakra (Anahata) Meditation (639hz and 936hz Solfeggio)

The heart chakra or “Anahata” is the fourth chakra and is located at the center of your chest. Anahata is translated as “flawless.” This chakra is your connection to Love. The unconditional love of all creation. The deepest love that permeates everything. It is the center for forgiveness. Forgiveness of yourself and all others.

If this chakra is not working properly one may experience loneliness, lack of self esteem, paranoia, indecisiveness and fear of letting go. Physically, one can experience heart problems, anxiety and mistrust. An overactive heart can result in co-dependency, control issues, lack of discretion, overly trusting, reckless decisions, breathing problems and over-promising.

When the heart chakra is activated one feels acceptance for situations and people they, as prior to, did not. As the chakra continues to tune up one feels what love truly is. An acceptance of people for who they are. Love for all, warts and all. Love doesn't mean happiness for horrible situations but that all creation is divine. One feels complete forgiveness to all who have trespassed them.

The heart chakra is located at the base of the spine. It can be visualized as a wheel of loving energy rotating inward and outward as a breathing entity. As the heart strengthens and heals one's physical body heals as well and gives you the strength to heal others and even past situations.

While listening to this music you may focus your inner gaze to the center of your chest rotating out to the ends of the Universe in all directions. You may, if you wish, chant “A” with each slow breath. You may sit in a comfortable meditation position such as lotus or seiza or lay down comfortably. Since this is not a hypnotic meditation you may also listen while driving or doing housework or anything else.

Other tools for focusing are the color green, the metal copper and gemstones rose quartz, jade, emerald and peridot.

The meditation music from Zara Anubis is solely intended for waking the consciousness of our fellow world travelers. There is a global awakening happening my friends. More people daily are opening their third eye and seeing reality. This is resulting in a huge shift in consciousness that will result in a true spiritual connection for the human race.

Repeated listening to this meditation is free. As you might expect the writing, recording and distribution is not. If you have it in your means please purchase the HD digital download of this meditation and others we offer at CD Baby, Amazon and ITunes. You can also follow us on Spotify and IHeart Radio.

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