Zara Anubis

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Zara Anubis combines ethereal synthesized sounds with primitive backbeats and jazzy overtones for some of the best Chill music one can experience.

Ascension is a song I wrote about the simplistic way to perform Astral projection. The words “Let's get out through the window” is a way of saying that to perform Astral projection you have to be aware of a different path forward. The song was a quick inspiration because I all of a sudden heard primitive beats starting and stopping. I put every percussive sound down first, then added the ambient synthesizer and finally vocals. My studio is half of an office, adorned with incense, native American art, African and Indian drums, precious rocks and crystals, meditation bowls from Tibet and all the electronic and acoustic instruments I can jam in it comfortably. I am at piece spiritually in my studio. My writing style is spontaneous. I usually will think of a rhythm and program it on my drum machine or find one suitable on my synthesizer. Next I literally start playing any instrument to the beat. There is usually no practice. I pick the instrument and find the sound I like and play a few bars, hit record and play. This is usually the method. On occasion I wrestle with something that comes to me and have to practice for a while before I can record; Most often with the piano. I am a guitarist but the type of music I make is keyboard oriented and piano is the most challenging for me.

I record 100% organically in 432hz. The vast majority of music recorded today is tuned to 440hz. The difference is our bodies. They vibrate at 432hz. This means when you listen to music tuned to 432hz it actually is, in a way, healing you. At the same time since it is resonating with your body you can feel the music vibrating inside you. Listen to it enough and 440hz music sounds out of balance, muddy and distorted.

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