Sacrem Chakra Meditation

Zara Anubis

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Sacrem Chakra Meditation

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A powerful sacrem meditation organically tuned to 432hz for a true spiritual connection to the Universe.

Powerful Sacral Chakra (Svaddhistana) Meditation (417hz and 714hz Solfeggio)

The sacral chakra or “Svaddhistana” is the sixth chakra and is located at the lower abdomen. Svaddhistana is translated as “sweetness” or “dwelling place of self.” This chakra is your with relationships, connection, pleasure and sexuality. With the sacral activated, one feels a connection sensually and lovingly in a healthy way to their significant partner. It also fosters a love of oneself and acceptance of oneself.

If this chakra is not receiving the life energy it needs, one may experience sexual problems, lack of desire or ability to experience pleasure, sexual dysfunction, jealousy and anger. Physically one can suffer problems with bladder, small intestines as well as lower back pain. If the sacral chakra is overactive one may experience Addictions, aggression, desperate need for approval, dangerous or unhealthy sexual behavior, sexual ambivalence and feelings of guilt.

When the sacral chakra is activated you may feel strongly connected to issues around sexuality, relationships and sensuality. Continued listening will give one the feeling of belonging. To not question one's healthy sexuality and sensual connectedness. A true happiness.

The sacral chakra is located at the lower abdomen. It can be tuned and activated by meditating to this music and by repeatedly placing your hand on your lower abdomen, breathing slowly and accepting the love of the Universe into this energy center.

While listening to this music you may focus your inner gaze to the lower abdomen and outward to the Universe. You may, if you wish, chant “Oo” with each slow breath. You may sit in a comfortable meditation position such as lotus or seiza or lay down comfortably. Since this is not a hypnotic meditation you may also listen while driving or doing housework or anything else.

Other tools for focusing are the color orange, the metal tin and gemstones carnelian, fire opal, gold and topaz coral.

The meditation music from Zara Anubis is solely intended for waking the consciousness of our fellow world travelers. There is a global awakening happening my friends. More people daily are opening their third eye and seeing reality. This is resulting in a huge shift in consciousness that will result in a true spiritual connection for the human race.

Repeated listening to this meditation is free. As you might expect the writing, recording and distribution is not. If you have it in your means please purchase the HD digital download of this meditation and others we offer at:

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